Paris-Manchester 1918
Conservatoires in time of war

Photograph of Roger Pénau

Enclosed with the letter of 20 January 1916 to the Franco-American Committee (Gazette des classes de composition du Conservatoire, No.  2, February 1916, Bibliothèque national de France, Department of Music, Rés Vm Dos 88 [1]), this photograph shows Roger Pénau, cigarette in hand, in army uniform. The number of his regiment, the 160th Regiment of Artillery, is embroidered on his collar.

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Asst Bandmaster
R. Pénau


To our benefactors
To my classmates Lili and Nadia Boulanger
with sincere thanks from
Roger Pénau
January -16-
1914-1916 campaign 

Anonymous (1916) Roger Pénau, Assistant Bandmaster, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Music Department, Est. Pénau R. 001. View on Gallica.

Document description: positive print, 14×9 cm. 

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