The Wernicke’s Area

The Wernicke’s Area arose out of an international multi-disciplinary collaboration between ANU Productions, Trinity College Dublin, the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) and RNCM PRiSM.

Responding to the story and medical condition of Debbie Boss, wife of ANU’s co-artistic director and visual artist Owen Boss, the collaboration resulted in a critically acclaimed mixed media installation that premiered at IMMA in October 2022. Informed by cutting-edge neurophysiological research from the Cunningham Laboratory led by Professor Mark Cunningham (Trinity College Dublin), the work fuses music composed by Professor Emily Howard (Director RNCM PRiSM) for mezzo-soprano Rosie Middleton and violist Stephen Upshaw, AI Sound Design by Dr Bofan Ma (RNCM PRiSM Post-Doctoral Research Associate), and custom-made fabric pieces designed by Owen Boss and produced on a digital Jacquard loom.

Multi-layered art-science collaboration explores the experience of epilepsy (The Irish Times)

The work is a fascinating and poignant art-science exploration of epilepsy.

— The Irish Times, October 2022

For all involved, the first performance of ‘The Wernicke’s Area” was an extremely moving experience.

— The New York Times, November 2022

When Technology Makes Music More Accessible
(The New York Times)