Future Music #2 Events Page (15 June 20)

Featuring new PRiSM commissioned work from Jennifer Walshe & Marcus du Sautoy


About Future Music

RNCM Future Music ran for the first time in 2019, examining developments in new music and technology – Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Live Coding and more besides – asking what possibilities lie ahead for the music creators of the future.

Since then, the RNCM Centre for Practice & Research in Science & Music (PRiSM) has been awarded £914,000 funding by Research England, enabling us to further our creative and collaborative work into this exciting, and fast-moving area.

In PRiSM Future Music #2, we focus in on AI. We might all be working remotely from disparate geographic locations but this has made us examine how we can use technology to work creatively together in new ways.

Future Music #2

We are excited to present new pieces of music and writing, meditating on AI and Creativity, commissioned especially for PRiSM Future Music #2 from PRiSM Co-Director Marcus du Sautoy, composer/performer Jennifer Walshe and RNCM composition students Ellen Sargen, Fraz Ireland and Bofan Ma.

We begin the day with the release of the software prism- samplernn, a computer-assisted tool using machine learning for musical compositional.


Monday 15 June 2020

10:00 A Psychogeography of Latent Space

Future Music #2 marks the release of the project PRiSM SampleRNN, an exciting first step in our exploration of the use of Machine Learning for audio synthesis, with a new article, A Psychogeography of Latent Space by PRiSM Lecturer and composer Dr Sam Salem.

13:00 Generating the Future – Exploring Music and Poetry Created with Artificial Intelligence

This two-part exploration into the creative uses of artificial intelligence focusses on generation of music and text. Join PRiSM’s Doctoral Researcher Robert Laidlow for a presentation featuring quartet performances from members of the BBC Philharmonic and RNCM soloist Vanessa Guinadi.

*Watch here now*

17:00-18:00 Composing in the Age of Zoom

PRiSM Lecturer in Composition, Dr Sam Salem, introduces three new works by RNCM Composition students Ellen Sargen, Fraz Ireland and Bofan Ma, mentored by Jennifer Walshe.

*Watch here now*

19:00 AI Creativity and The Challenge of Time

The mathematician Marcus du Sautoy, PRiSM Co-Director and Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford, explores AI machine learning as a collaborative partner in the creative arts. He reads a new piece written especially for PRiSM Future Music #2.

*Read the full piece and watch the presentation again here*

20:00 People & Things by Jennifer Walshe | PRiSM Commission World Premiere

A text which navigates the blurry boundaries between humans and the objects they deem sentient. Release of the text accompanied by a streamed reading of the piece.

*Read the full illustrated piece and listen again here*

Tuesday 16 June 2020

13.00 RNCM Radio Edition featuring PRiSM Future Music #2

Conversations with, and music by, RNCM PRiSM staff, students, guests and friends, all connected by PRiSM ideas, collaborations and projects.

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