Research Forum: PRiSM in Conversation (4 Oct 17)

In Conversation | Emily Howard and Marcus du Sautoy with Penny Sarchet

PRiSM Launch Event, RNCM Forman Lecture Theatre

4 October 2017, 4.15pm

In Conversation’, launched this year’s Sir John Manduell Research Forum Series featuring a question and answer session with Composer Emily Howard (Director, PRiSM) and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy (Co-Director, PRiSM; Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford). Questions were posed by Penny Sarchet, Senior Editor at New Scientist.

Emily Howard, Marcus du Sautoy and Penny Sarchet at the RNCM Research Forum

For composer Emily, who was torn between music and maths as a student, and opted for an undergraduate degree in mathematics and computer science followed by postgraduate studies in composition at the RNCM, collaborations with mathematicians and scientists are important for her creative process. For mathematician Marcus, who fell in love with maths from a young age, played trumpet throughout his teenage years and who remains passionate about music, a mathematician is a pattern-searcher and this, he believes, is the link to the world of music. He also stressed the overarching importance of arts education, and how we must fight not to lose it.

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