RNCM PRiSM Autumn 2022

3 October 2022

Upcoming Events & Performances

Exhibition: ANU The Wernicke’s Area

Graphic design ©Owen Boss 2022

8 October – 6 November 2022, Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin

ANU Productions and PRiSM join forces in The Wernicke’s Area, a new mixed media installation at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin this October. Reflecting on the personal story of Deborah Boss – wife of ANU’s co-founder / co-Artist Director Owen BossThe Wernicke’s Area fuses live music by Emily Howard (performed by mezzo soprano Rosie Middleton and violist Stephen Upshaw), visual art and installation designed by Owen Boss, and an AI-informed sound world developed by Bofan Ma. More info here.

Future Music #4 | PRiSM5 | RNCM50

25-29 October 2022, Manchester

Celebrating both the 50th Anniversary of the RNCM and the 5th Anniversary of PRiSM, RNCM PRiSM’s annual festival Future Music returns this autumn with a dynamic programme to continue asking what possibilities lie ahead for the music creators of the future. More info here.

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George Lewis In Residence: World Première

Friday 25 November 2022, 6:30pm, RNCM Concert Hall, Manchester

Following a year-long residency with RNCM PRiSM, composer and professor George Lewis collaborates with staff and students on a new cutting-edge chamber work that features his Voyager system augmented with the latest Artificial Intelligence tools system plus flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and tuba. More info here.

Recent Activities

Megan Steinberg curates | Walshe: The Text Score Dataset at IKLECTIK, London

PRiSM Lucy Hale Doctoral Researcher Megan Steinberg curated an event at IKLECTIK, London, 13 September 2022, giving UK premieres to a diverse collection of AI text scores from Jennifer Walshe‘s new anthology: ‘The Text Score Dataset 1.0‘, commissioned by RNCM PRiSM. Walshe created the Dataset to be used as training material for Machine Learning algorithms, so that new generations of text scores could be created. The night also featured brand new text scores made by the audience using AI text generators. Performers in that event included Megan Steinberg (turntable), Neil Luck (objects), James McIlwrath (viola/objects), James Creed (guitar), Peter Nagle (cello). More info here.

Simon Knighton curates | Nonclassical | Dynamical Systems and Natural Environments at St John’s Waterloo, London

Drawing connections between everyday life and the phenomena of Dynamical Systems, PRiSM Doctoral Researcher Simon Knighton curated a special concert at St John’s Waterloo, London, as part of his Associate Composer project at Nonclassical. Following on from Simon’s ongoing collaboration with mathematician Lasse Rempe (Professor of Pure Mathematics, University of Liverpool), the concert featured music by Martin Suckling, Salvatore Sciarrino, Rolf Wallin, Emily Howard, Kaija Saariaho, Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkle, an installation by RNCM student composers Sam Longbottom and Tanguy Pocquet, alongside world premieres of two new works by Knighton himself and sound artist Chihiro Ono. More info here.

SPOTLIGHT: RNCM PRiSM | The 3rd International ‘AI Music Creativity’ Conference

RNCM PRiSM was invited to deliver a spotlight presentation at the 2022 AI Music Creativity International Conference, to introduce some of the ongoing research collaborations developing through PRiSM at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, UK.

Hosted in Japan and held online this year, AIMC 2022 brought together several collaborating institutions and partners in a three-day program featuring paper presentations, concerts, panel discussions, workshops, and three keynotes. Its principal goal is to bring together scholars and artists interested in the virtual emulation of musical creativity and its use for music creation, and to provide an interdisciplinary platform to promote, present and discuss their work in scientific and artistic contexts. More info and a full programme of the conference can be found here.