Erasmus+ is the European Union’s (EU) funding programme for education and training, youth and sport between 2014 and 2020. The programme offers our students funding towards a study exchange, from three up to 12 months, with our European partners.

International Exchanges

This programme offers opportunities with partner conservatoires globally, excluding European Union conservatoires.

Outgoing Students


  • You must be registered at RNCM.
  • Students must successfully complete their previous year of study preceding the exchange period.
  • You must be registered at RNCM and be in, at least, your second year of studies. Eligible students will be contacted by the International Office and invited to attend an Exchanges Information Session.
  • A Bi-lateral agreement must be in place between the RNCM and a host university or conservatoire. An up to date list will be shown to you at the Exchanges Information Session.
  • The duration of exchange will be between three and 12 months.


The Erasmus+ Grant is a contribution towards your costs on exchange. The amount of grant varies from year to year and depends on the host country. An additional monthly supplement is available for students with an annual household income of less than £25,000.

Please note that due to the UK’s current political situation and the impending changes to the Erasmus+ scheme, we are unable to guarantee funding at the time of application. Students wishing to apply for an Erasmus+ exchange should do so as normal, and we will update all applicants as we receive information. 

Application Process for Outgoing Students

The application process for students wishing to exchange in 2020/21 is now complete. Eligible RNCM students will receive information regarding exchange opportunities for 2021/2022 in October/November 2020.

The application process for ‘outgoing’ exchange students starts during the Autumn term, when all eligible students are invited to attend an Exchange Information Session with the International Office.

Following the Exchange Information Session, we will accept applications from students wishing to apply for an outgoing exchange and you will be asked to supply the following before our initial deadline of 31 January 2020:

  • Application Form
  • CV
  • Motivation Letter
  • DVD Audition Recordings

You will then be asked to attend an appointment to review your application and complete a Learning Agreement (a list of the modules that you would like to undertake) for each potential host institution. The final deadline for completed applications will be the 28 February 2020. Applications are then submitted to the potential host institutions. Usually, applicants will have been considered and a decision reached by our partners by the end of May.

Incoming Students


  • RNCM can host students from any of the institutions on our Partnership List.
  • A Bi-lateral agreement must be in place between RNCM and a host university or conservatoire at the time of your application.
  • The duration of exchange will be between three and 12 months.

Application Process for Incoming Students

Unfortunately, the situation around COVID-19 continues to develop, and we understand that some students will have difficulties in meeting our initial deadline for applications (31st March 2020) or may have difficulties with some of the requirements. With this in mind, we have decided to extend the deadline to 20th April 2020 to allow students more time to collate their materials and/or record their auditions.

You will need to send the following to us by e-mail to

  • CV
  • Motivation Letter (no more than one side of A4)
  • Transcript of Records
  • Learning Agreement (available as a download in the side menu.)
  • Video Audition Recordings (Audio recordings will not be accepted.) Please visit Your Audition for information on our audition requirements. You may send links or downloadable files. Please ensure that there is no cut off date for files which need to be downloaded.

We understand that the co-ordination of these materials may be difficult under the circumstances and will not require the Learning Agreement to be fully completed/signed. The most important information for us to know is what Year of Study your students will wish to join; how long your students will wish to study with us; and how many credits your students will need to transfer back to your home institution.

The requirements for recorded auditions remain the same. However, we would like to assure students that there is no requirement for an accompanist, nor do we require the audition to be recorded in a studio environment.

Please contact your International Office or Erasmus Co-ordinator, as any potential exchange must be approved by your institution before you send an application.

Please email for more information.