RNCM Engage Appeal

This year our Annual Appeal will support music education from the earliest years. Securing the future for many talented young people, who without support will walk away from a life in music.

Music education is too often underfunded, marginalised and forgotten. But we know how much it matters.

Despite the growing challenge, we’ve found creative ways to kickstart musical engagement. Through the RNCM Engage programme, we harness the positive impact music can have on mental health, education, personal confidence, growth and aspiration.

It takes skill, passion, support and training to make a musician. Your donation will raise up the next generation of performers, composers and artists.

There are many ways your gift could help change young lives through music. For example:

  • £50 provides five free tickets for children to experience a live concert for the first time
  • £100 funds free travel to the RNCM for 10 young musicians, ensuring that neither location nor finances are barriers to engagement
  • £250 pays for a group composition or instrumental workshop on our Pathfinder programme
  • £500 supports young people in need with instrument loan and maintenance
  • £1,000 enables a local school to take part in our Children’s Opera project, co-create and perform on our Theatre stage

For 50 years, the RNCM has known that it is not enough to focus on the music of today. We also have a responsibility to prepare the way for the next 50 years.

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, RNCM Chair, Ravi Gupta, is kindly matching the first £25,000 of donations.

To change young lives through music, please donate today using the form below, and to find out more information about the transformative projects your donation will support click here.

Thank you.

If you’d rather donate by phone, please call 01619075389.

RNCM Engage Appeal is part of the RNCM50 Fund.