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Each year we offer a variety of opportunities for families and young people to enjoy music making with us through RNCM Engage, supporting music education from the earliest years and securing the future for many talented young people.

Through our RNCM Engage programmes, we harness the positive impact music can have on mental health, education, personal confidence, growth and aspiration.

If a child is struggling with personal circumstances or needs specialist support, we provide bespoke training and financial help through our Pathfinder programme. If they don’t have anyone to share their love of music with, we subsidise lessons through Junior RNCM, a vibrant Saturday school community and an exceptional grounding for the next step of their journey. If a local school is struggling with music provision, we can work with them to co-create a Children’s Opera, performed on our Theatre stage.

We want to remove barriers to music education and help them pursue their love of music, unhindered. We recognise the huge benefits music can have on children and young people, and we know the importance music has in our own lives too.

You can donate to RNCM Engage below or by calling 0161 907 5480.

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