Composer Stephen Bradshaw collaborates with Dr Graeme Heyes on a piece called dBA (LOUD) for Electric Guitar, Saxophone, Percussion and Actor, influenced by research into airport noise.

Scientist: Dr Graeme Heyes

Research Associate in Sustainable Aviation


Complaints from the public related to airport noise are a significant challenge at many airports, with noise having a range of negative impacts, such as to health and the value of property.

This research seeks to understand current best practice regarding the mitigation of airport noise, and to develop new methodologies, approaches and tools to manage and mitigate such noise.

The work is part of a European-wide project funded by the European Commission that will inform on noise mitigation strategies across all member states.

A aeroplane flies over the roof of a house.

Composer: Stephen Bradshaw

Although advances in aircraft design have made planes become significantly quieter over recent decades, growth in air traffic movements, and other factors, have seen complaints regarding aircraft noise increase.

This is important as airport noise can cause significant impacts to the quality of life of airport communities. For example, to health and education. Airport operators go to great lengths to engage with local communities about noise and to communicate the interventions they make to reduce noise impact, however they face significant challenges in doing so – often resulting in thousands of noise complaints per year.

Our response dramatises some aspects of this complex process, such as the noise abatement procedures put into place by airports, increases in the number of flights, and the annoyance felt by local communities. Earplugs are provided.

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