Tissue Engineering

Composer Dennis Tijok and Dr Araida Hidalgo-Bastida collaborate on a piece called Tissue Engineering for Oboe, Electric Guitar and Drum Kit, inspired by health care research

Scientist: Dr Araida Hidalgo-Bastida

Senior Lecturer in Regenerative Medicine

My research combines the use of stem cells and biomaterials to create 3D models and grafts for toxicological and medical applications.

This includes injectable biomaterials (hydrogels) and 3D printed scaffolds (polymeric sponges) to seed cells and follow them up using different methods including x-ray micro-tomography and molecular assays.

We use injectable scaffolds to deliver stem cells for bone regen med, and polymeric sponges to co-culture three different types of cells from the cardiovascular system: cardiomyocytes, endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells.

Composer: Dennis Tijok

At our first meeting in the laboratories at Manchester Metropolitan University, we talked about methods of tissue engineering and what processes it involves.

It has been important to see that a wide range of different professionals are required for the undertaking. For the composition, this prompted further investigation into problems that scientists attempt to solve by research in tissue engineering.

Injuries, diseases and health care and regeneration inspired musical themes such as fracture, healing and personal connection to the relevant topic.

Therefore, we decided on theatrical elements such as speech to introduce non-musical dimensions to the three performers. Each of them would tell an individual story, emphasising the importance of research in health care.

Trained as a pianist and organist, Dennis Tjiok studies composition with Laura Bowler and Gary Carpenter at the Royal Northern College of Music. He has participated in projects ranging from musical theatre to scoring films and games, besides conducting and performing performances himself. In his compositions he combines contemporary classical styles with those of church music, electronic music and theatre. He has won competitions for solo piano, chamber music, as well as the EHF 2010 award for composition.

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