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Composer: Zakiya Leeming
Project partner: Dr Amanda Lamb
Connected Health Cities Hub CHC Hub

I developed a set of musical tools to describe the CHC method including developing discrete musical identities for each of the four regions. The first section introduces each region’s musical content. Next, the music representing each region is ‘influenced’ by the ‘learning’ that has happened elsewhere (communication enabled by the hub), sharing musical material such as pitch and rhythm with another region. Each area develops this new version of the material to represent ‘learning outcomes being put straight back into practice’. The final section of the piece represents the Hub reviewing the processes and analysing the outcomes. This is depicted musically by playing the first bar of each section of development side-by-side to show the changes that emerged. Then presenting snapshots of some of the musical material heard throughout the piece to in order to ‘frame the successes’ of each region. The final materials merge to musically depict the successful conclusion of the project in this iteration.

About the composer

Manchester-based composer Zakiya Leeming is a doctoral composer at the RNCM and member of PRiSM (Centre for Practice and Research in Science and Music). Zakiya obtained her undergraduate degree at the University of Tasmania where she was the recipient of the Examiner Newspaper Scholarship as well as the Dean’s award for Excellence with Honours. In her Masters degree at the RNCM, Zakiya was awarded the Soroptimists International Manchester Award in Composition, The Edward Hecht Prize and a Gold Medal in composition. Zakiya has received commissions from the Bury Choral Society, Sale Chamber Orchestra, Aurora Percussion Duo, New Music North West festival and Explore Ensemble. Zakiya’s recent research includes a collaboration with Biochemical Engineer Dr. Kirstie Andrews looking at how music can describe, promote and inspire science. Upcoming concerts include performances by Psappha in the New Music Festival and a work for REAlab and The Science and Industry Museum.

Working with Connected Health Cities (CHC) has given RNCM composers the opportunity not only to see how our work can explore innovations in healthcare happening here in the North of England but also how we can help to share these achievements with the public. As the PRiSM lead on this project I have seen how integral patient engagement and public consent is to the success of CHC. In working together to bring this event to the Manchester Museum we hope to demonstrate the power of working together across disciplines to create new, publicly accessible information pathways between science and music, for the better health of all. Zakiya Leeming, PRiSM Doctoral Researcher and Project Lead.

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