Connected Health Cities: Smooth Pinball

Smooth Pinball

Composer: Isabel Benito Gutiérrez
Project partner: Dr Mathew Mathai
ACE (Ambulatory Care Experience)

 My CHC partners Mathew Mathai and Reena Basu from the Paediatric Department develop plans to help families with children and young people with health problems. When a young person shows symptoms, parents/carers need to follow a series of steps, including waiting lists and hospital visits. The Ambulatory Care Experience (ACE) project aims to simplify the process. Another aim is to embed the relationship of the young person with the adults around them, for example, sending nurses to their homes to teach parent/carers how to apply required treatment, where possible. Young people are are able to remain in their homes with their families whilst receiving the appropriate medical care.

The music piece’s structure is based on these two contrasting ways of medical planning. The piece starts with a short and tense introduction based on the initial symptoms followed by a chaotic longer section. The tempo is fast and the three instruments (flute, clarinet and bassoon) have small abrupt interruptions representing the continuous visits and diagnosis from the older model. In the second half of the piece, we find again the initial introduction, we also have symptoms but this time they are resolved in a more relaxed way with small melodies that support each other, as a reflection of the process proposed by ACE.

About the Composer

Isabel Benito Gutiérrez is a composer and educator based in the UK. She is currently finishing her PhD, examining how collaboration affects composition and how to exchange non-musical ideas through sound. She is also interested in the incorporation of visual arts to concert performances and moving performances out of the concert hall, to other locations such as museums, galleries and industrial spaces.

Her music has been performed by 10/10 Ensemble, BCN216, Trio Hecuba, Arts Futura Conjunto Instrumental, and many others. She has collaborated with the artists Roland Keogh, Ali Barker, Caroline Bordignon, Èlia Navarro and the poet Georgi Gill.

Two people talking on stage

Composer Isabel Benito Gutiérrez (right) and MC Dr Mary Tully at the CHC PRiSM event #MusicSaysDataSavesLives

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