The Music of Proof

The developing collaboration between composer Emily Howard and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy is grounded in an exploration of the connections and differences between their practices.

Their first collaboration, The Music of Proof (2017–), hopes to tease out how similar the aesthetic and structural qualities are between proof and composition.

Marcus envisages the journey of mathematical proof as inherently musical and in response, Emily has created a set of miniatures for string quartet Four Musical Proofs and a Conjecture by considering the question ‘What if I approach writing music as though I am proceeding with the construction of a mathematical proof?’

Emily and Marcus speaking on R3 Music Matters with Sara Mohr-Pietsch about PRiSM and The Music of Proof:

The Music of Proof was first presented by Marcus and Emily at New Scientist Live 2017 with the world premiere performance of Four Musical Proofs and a Conjecture given by the Piatti String Quartet. The Music of Proof has been supported by the Nicholas Boas Charitable Trust and New Scientist.

The Music of Proof: What Does Maths Sound Like?

New Scientist Live

Emily Howard & Marcus du Sautoy with the Piatti String Quartet

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