PRiSM and Drake Music: Call for Artists in Residence 2022

Open Call: RNCM PRiSM Drake Music Artists in Residence 2022

2 February 2022

We are looking for 2 performers who identify as Disabled, d/Deaf or neurodivergent to help develop and perform a new 10–12 minute piece with PRiSM’s Lucy Hale Doctoral Composer Megan Steinberg and contemporary music ensemble Distractfold. The performance will take place at PRiSM Future Music #4 festival at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, October 2022.

The residency is aiming to be as accessible to all performers as possible, putting accessibility at the start of the process.

This project is made possible by support and funding from AHRC, RNCM PRiSM and Drake Music, and the work of composer Lucy Hale.

Key Info

Fee: £1,000 (rehearsals, performance, expenses)
Accessibility: there is a separate budget and support provided by Drake Music to meet requirements
Concert: 25 October 2022 in Manchester
Rehearsal 1: 26 February 2022 in Manchester
Plus 12 hours between March and October 2022, arranged as best for each artist (online/remote options possible)

Selection Process

Artists will be chosen based on suitability of instrument and style for the piece.

Any performer who identifies as disabled, d/Deaf or neurodivergent and is interested in any of the following should apply:
Experimentation, Sound Art, Improvisation, Text Scores, Graphic Scores, Artificial Intelligence, Accessible Musical Instruments

The other ensemble members will be electric guitar, violin, cello and clarinets.

We would like to keep in touch with every artist who expresses their interest as there will be more pieces and collaboration opportunities as part of Megan’s collaborative PhD project with Drake Music 2021 – 2024.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 16 February, 10pm

How to Apply

Complete the online form by Wednesday 16 February at 10pm, and we will be in touch in the following days.

If the form is not accessible, you can email responses to the questions below in any format (text, audio, video), to [email protected]

1. Full name
2. Instrument
3. Email (or the best way to contact you)
4. Link to a recording (any length or quality)
5. Access rider or requirements
6. Tell us if you can attend the concert and rehearsal
7. Tell us if you are happy to be contacted for other opportunities in the future
8. Ask us any questions

You can also email Megan or message @RNCMPRiSM or @Drake_Music on social media to schedule a Zoom or phone call to share your information, if that’s better for you.

More Info

All artists involved (2 RNCM PRiSM Drake Music Artists in Residence and Distractfold) will be involved in the development of the music. We are particularly interested in hearing from artists who play Accessible Musical Instruments or Digital Instruments that they are keen to develop music for in an accessible way. Discussions around disability, health, access and inclusion will be placed at the heart of the residency throughout the process.

There is no requirement for a specific way of reading or interpreting music, the piece will develop around every individual’s needs and preferences for communicating and performing music. There may be multiple forms of a score or instructions specific to each player.

Listen to some of Megan Steinberg’s music on her personal website here.

About Distractfold

Distractfold Ensemble. Photo by Fabio Lugaro.

UK-based ensemble, Distractfold, are a group of performers, composers and curators all acting out of shared love, passion and interest in the music and culture of our times. They perform acoustic, mixed and electroacoustic music of their peers, alongside music of the more established composers with whom they have formed close collaborations and friendships.

Distractfold performers are:

Linda Jankowska – Violin
Daniel Brew – Electric Guitar
Alice Purton – Cello
Rocío Bolaños – Clarinets


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