Tywi Roberts

Tywi’s work centres around integration of acoustic and digital elements through hybrid groups and performances.

His work frequently incorporates innovative technologies; and he has created pieces involving virtual reality, live coding, super low-latency streaming technology, and large assemblies of laptops processing the sounds of live instruments in real-time.

In February 2020 he led the premiere performance of the UnHeard Hybrid Orchestra, as well as its follow-up UnHeard Hybrid Online in March 2021 – the latter of which headlined the first RNCM PLAY Festival. He has since taken on the role of Artistic Director for the UnHeard collective in general.

He is currently in the final year of his PhD research project (supervised by Dr Mauricio Pauly, Dr Larry Goves and Dr Rodrigo Constanzo), which has expanded to address questions around other forms of hybridity such as hybrid composition (distributed creativity), hybridised language (combining Welsh, English, and AI-produced facsimiles of both), and hybrid media (audio-visual composition).

Tywi’s previous work with PRiSM has included two works for Changing Music in a Changing Climate. The second of these was a collaboration with ocean and climate scientist Katherine Turner from the University of Liverpool, and was also incorporated into Dr Scott McLaughlin’s Garden of Forking Paths project on the topic of clarinet multiphonics and indeterminacy.

He also participated in the Connected Health Cities project, and more recently he completed a work for four sopranos plus AI-generated electronics and visuals for UNSUPERVISED at Future Music #3: Blodeuwedd.

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