Connected Health Cities: Connected


For Wind Quintet & Electric Guitar
Composer: Nate Chivers
Project partner: Debbie Parkinson
PIES (Public Involvement and Engagement Senates)

Connected is a response to collaboration with the PIES Team (Public Involvement and Engagement Senates), which is a part of the CHC project. Their work in creating an algorithm that would enable all hospitals to read patient data regardless of the computer system, as well as their work in gaining patient consent on collecting their medical data, inspired me to compose a work based on connectedness. The electric guitar is the ‘patient’ who allows their data to disperse throughout the wind quintet, analogous to the ‘hospitals’. The motifs pass from the guitar to the quintet, modified to suit the instruments with their different embouchures, ranges, and timbre. These differences contribute, connect, and work with each other to create a harmonious piece, analogous to the PIES Team and CHC, and their work with the NHS.

About the Composer

The PIES project team

RNCM Composer Nate Chivers with Debbie Parkinson and the PIES (Patient Involvement and Engagment Senate) Team

Nate Chivers is currently a PhD Composition Research Student at the RNCM, where he is supervised by Mauricio Pauly, David Horne, and Rodrigo Constanza. He is also a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. His compositions have been performed in the UK, USA, France, and China as well as BBC Radio 3. He is also an electric guitarist who has studied with Yaron Deutsch at the Summer Course at Darmstadt, and currently performs solo recitals and concerts. He is currently involved in various projects as a composer & guitarist. He is a native of Western Massachusetts.

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