Hans-Martin Buff

Hans-Martin BuffHans-Martin Buff is a recording engineer and music producer. He began his career at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, USA, where he made excellent coffee and then proceeded to hone his studio chops by assisting on projects such as Live’s million seller “Throwing Copper”.

Hans-Martin worked his way through various Minnesota rock’n’roll factories, before he found a more permanent home at Prince’s Paisley Park Studios, whose personal engineer he became and remained for four funky years. During this period, he wasn’t only responsible for His Purple Majesty’s recordings, but also for Prince’s collaborations with artists such as No Doubt, Chaka Khan and Larry Graham. Being a native of Germany, Hans-Martin Buff relocated to his home country in 2001, where he has since recorded, mixed and produced a host of national and international talent, such as Mousse T., Joss Stone, Zucchero, Eric Burdon, Roachford, Maxi Priest, the Scorpions….

Since 2018, Hans-Martin has explored the subject of 3D-Audio, especially for headphones. Hans-Martin is now considered an industry expert, and he is proud to help artists lift their immersive adventures to the next musical level. Hans-Martin is affiliated with msm-studios in Munich and Berlin, Germany, and with Real World Studios in Box, England, where he has recently shaped the Dolby Atmos versions of Peter Gabriel’s upcoming releases. Hans-Martin’s research focusses on the guidance of the musical mind from stereo to immersive in a recording studio setting.