Simon Knighton

Simon’s research will investigate the area of acoustic instrumentation plus electronics and will tackle the issue of the perceived ‘coherence’ between acoustic and electronic sound sources.

He aims to use existing knowledge of acoustic and psychoacoustic phenomena to blur the boundaries between what is perceived as ‘acoustic’ and ‘electronic’ sound.

This will involve modifying acoustic instrumentation to appear ‘electronic’ as well as developing electronics that appear to be of an ‘acoustic’ nature. This will effectively create a spectrum of sound (from purely acoustic to purely synthesised) which can be manipulated and played with creatively.

The resulting ambiguity will then become the space in which the composition is realised, giving rise for opportunities to create a sense of unreality and illusion in the minds of the listener.

He aims to make contemporary music that pushes sound design forward whilst maintaining the integrity and qualities inherent in concert music. This will open up innovative, creative avenues for the use of electronics from conceptual, aesthetic, theatrical and compositional viewpoints.

This research very much looks to be of value to the wider musical community – composers, producers, sound engineers should all benefit from the ideas, techniques and methods that are developed.