Nick Waldock

Nick WaldockNick completed his performance Masters at the RNCM in 2017 where he created an electric bass guitar-led 11-piece ensemble tha performed original works and arrangements of folk, world, and jazz repertoire. The concert became his debut album release (‘About Time’ 2019) and was the birth of his ensemble Second Circle.

In his research project, Nick builds upon the ethos of this ensemble by questioning the identity relationships the bass guitar has in popular music by expanding beyond them and exploring the instrument’s rich musical possibilities through individual artistic development and collaborations.

Through his work Nick aims to contribute to two relatively new academic fields of study – popular music, and the electric bass guitar, as well as creating a collection of original music recorded by solely utilising the bass guitar with modern audio manipulation techniques; and with various bass-centric ensembles.

Alongside his performance practice he is developing technique, adapting melodic and improvisational approaches and practic techniques on an instrument that is still in its infancy within academia.