Suting Han

Exploring Audiovisual multimedia composition vocabularies: Composing for Chinese Zodiac

Suting Han’s scholarly inquiry meticulously explores the confluence of video artistry, auditory playback mechanisms, and live musical performances within the domains of concert and cinematic compositions, with a pronounced emphasis on the thematic elements of nature and field recordings. At the heart of this investigation lies a documentary project centered on the Chinese Zodiac, which serves as a critical lens through which the intricate interplay among soundscapes, visual imagery, and narrative structures is examined. Through a methodical examination of collaborative dynamics between composers, musicians, and filmmakers, Han seeks to augment the lexicon of compositional techniques and foster a more immersive multimedia musical experience. This research endeavors to contribute substantively to the discourse surrounding contemporary multimedia composition, marking a significant advancement in the academic understanding of audiovisual integration within the musical arts.

Suting Han is a forward-thinking composer and multimedia artist, renowned for her innovative approach to music composition and audiovisual integration. With degrees from the Royal Northern College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music, and ongoing PhD studies at Royal Northern College of Music, Han has excelled in both academic and commercial realms. Her work, notably with digital artist Danni Zheng on projects like “Growth, Blossoms, and Beyond” for Lancôme and “Irresistible,” a piece for solo violoncello with live electronics and visuals, showcases her ability to blend experimental music with visual artistry. Han’s collaborations extend to prestigious organizations, reflecting her pioneering contributions to contemporary music and multimedia arts. Her supervisors are Sam Salem, Larry Goves and Adam Gorb.