Paris-Manchester 1918
Conservatoires in time of war

28th March 1919 (Hope Squire)

There has been a petition to the Government asking for the release of Conscientious Objectors now that the war is over.  Hope mentions the case of the pianist Frederic Lamond, who was interned as an enemy alien during the war.

Credit: University of Bristol Library, Special Collections (DM2103)

…There has been a great petition presented to the Prime Minister this week demanding justice & unconditional release.  It appears to have been signed by nearly everyone of note, the statistics for the Manchester figures are 194 ministers 83 magistrates 8 members of tribunals 41 Educationalists… There is a ruction going on too about Frederic Lamond, he has brought a libel action against Daily Sketch for saying he is a naturalized German & that he was released from internment owing to the Crown Prince’s influence etc.  His wife is an Austrian so it’s rather difficult for him to be wholly pro British as the judge & jury think he ought to be, especially as owing to his not being allowed to have any of his own money, his wife has had to support him by her earnings…