Paris-Manchester 1918
Conservatoires in time of war

15th March 1918 (Hope Squire)

Hope tells Frank of her students’ progress at the College. She is confident that their love for one another will help them stay strong in these difficult times.

Credit: University of Bristol Library, Special Collections (DM2103)

…The students were very pleased with their messages.  On Tuesday 19th Nelly is playing Beethoven G concerto 1st movement.  I shall accompany as Edith is too overworked, Nelly will play part of Bulow’s Cadenza.  You would be shocked at the way I make cuts in the orchestral bits for these concerts, but it’s the only thing to do or else have no appearances.  We are swamped with singers. My little singer is Florence Holroyd, she comes on Sat: at 2.30.  I teach at College on Tuesday & Friday from 12-1 in Dr. Brodsky’s room, from 1-4 in Max’s, Mr. Forbes having turned me out of No.12, after a guerrilla warfare which lasted all last term!…

…I know how ever long this separation continues neither of us will ever miss each other one iota less. – I have often thought lately that a love such as ours must go on for ever, – and must have been going on before we were in this world.  There must have been a very powerful magnetism in both of us to draw us together so persistently in spirit when we were generally so far apart in the flesh. – &  look what separation we’ve had since out marriage too.  I sometimes wonder if it is bound to be that wherever one is reincarnated the other must & will be in the same world so that we can find each other again…