Paris-Manchester 1918
Conservatoires in time of war

2nd October 1918 (Hope Squire)

Hope urges Frank not to do anything to jeopardise their ability to write to one another. She has enjoyed playing chamber music and tells Frank of the pieces her pupils are learning.

Credit: University of Bristol Library, Special Collections (DM2103)

…No, Frank, don’t do anything to prevent us writing to each other. –  I don’t think it would be right!  We need that one bit of solace so intensely.  And I’m more & more convinced that the best thing to do is to quietly stand by one’s opinion & go one’s own way – one can’t “bet” on the endurance or the fidelity of many others & each person has his or her own responsibilities to consider…

…Mr B[radbury] came for an hour on Sunday,  first music I’ve had (except giving lessons) for ten weeks – we played Beethoven C minor & Grieg C minor. How wonderfully well Grieg wears!!  Mabel is doing the C major Beethoven Concerto with me – she had a lesson today 2nd mvt we did 1ist before holidays.  Marjorie F has struggled with Brahms 2 Rhapsodies till she can actually play them laboriously slowly, but with terrific enjoyment.  She is now doing Faschingsschwank.  Gladys Gunson is doing Pastoral sonata, greatly improved, Frances the same, Ella Schubert A minor (with folksong Andante)  Astra the Appassionata, Edith H Allegro de Concert, Lily C minor ¾ Sonata Beethoven, Molly F minor No.1 Catherine Children’s Corner…