Paris-Manchester 1918
Conservatoires in time of war

4th February 1918 (Hope Squire)

Hope tells Frank of her experiences deputising for him as a teacher at the College. She suggests he might want to appeal to the Tribunal as there is the possibility his case could be re-examined.

Credit: University of Bristol Library, Special Collections (DM2103)

…what with the open hostility of Mr. Forbes and several other things, my life at College has been anything but a path of roses.  I wrote the Dr. a great piece of my mind on Monday, with the result that today he sent for me, we decided what to play, and he asked if I would sometime go to spend Sunday at Bowdon – we would enjoy some real good practice together and he would take me for a nice walk etc.  I said “I’ll see”. (How long will it last!!!) His admiration for you never wavers!  Edith Hothersall has won the Hallé Scholarship, the pieces were Chopin Fantasy F minor, Bach P. & Fugue in F minor and Brahms B minor Rhapsody done by herself… 

…I’m requested to tell you that you might ask permission to write – as a business letter – to the Tribunal here stating your present position, because on Dec 4th Lord Curzon said there were many men “in the army” who would have been granted exemption by the Tribunal if they (tribunals) had understood that it was in their power to grant abs[olute) exemption and a movement is being made to have these cases reopened…