RNCM Annual Appeal

Nurture the musicians of the future

Help us care for our students’ health and well-being, so they can flourish in an increasingly uncertain world.

Young musicians face an uncertain world.

Our students’ music enriches lives. To make it, they need to be in the best physical and mental health – but new pressures are taking their toll.

Across Higher Education, the number of students reporting mental health concerns has risen sharply. Many are living on their own for the first time, and often face acute financial challenges. Their careers are less clearly mapped out, and social media can add to their anxiety. Music students must also learn to handle the pressures of concerts and recitals, as well as long hours of practice.

Any problems can upset their studies now, but also affect how they cope in the future. We are risking the health of a new generation of professional musicians, and the future of music-making.

We’re already doing so much – but we must do more

More and more students are seeking our health and wellbeing services. They know how important it is to marry their exceptional musical ability with a balanced approach to life. And, with the help of donors like you,we’re determined to be there for them.

We already provide a wide range of care services and health activities, and are the first conservatoire to have a specialist lecturer responsible for health and wellbeing. But we must do much more.

In ten years, the number of students arriving at university with a mental health condition has increased five-fold.

During the same time, the number of students dropping out of university with mental health problems has trebled.

94% of universities have experienced a rise in the number of people trying to access support services.

 ‘Students know they can come here and feel safe, and that they will get the tools for a long and healthy career.’

Jane Gray, Student Wellbeing Adviser

How your support will nurture our students

With your help, we will greatly expand our support for students, working in three layers:

  1. Helping more students who are struggling right now, by providing extra frontline counselling sessions in evenings and at peak times when the pressures of recital are at their greatest.
  2. Identifying and preventing issues, by training all staff in mental health and expanding our team of mental health first aiders, so that we can spot students who may be at risk as early as possible.
  3. Promoting wellbeing activities, for example by putting on more yoga sessions to help prevent injury, and by extending our community outreach, so that more students experience the life-enhancing benefits of working with people in need.

Thank you for your support

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