Isabel Benito Gutiérrez

Isabel is working towards a PhD in composition at the RNCM, researching about the connection between music and visual arts, and working in the incorporation of the pictorial process in concert performances.

She began her music studies at the age of 8 studying piano at the Conservatorio Profesional Ataúlfo Argenta of Santander, composition at the Escola de Música de Catalunya in Barcelona, and also a Masters of Research in Arts at the University of Liverpool.

Her music is intuitive and artisanal, with strong and magnetic nature. She creates contemporary music to be attractive not just to musicians using different sources of inspiration from other disciplines such as poetry, architecture, painting and video art.

She has been performed at the Open Circuit Festival, Liverpool LightNight, Allegro Festival, Video Jam, L’Auditori de Barcelona, Grosvenor Gallery, Botín Foundation in Santander, by ensembles such as BCN216, Cantabria, 10/10, ArsFutura, musicians from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Agustín Fernández Rubio, Tere Gómez, Nina Whiteman, and many others.

She has also worked and is currently working with other artists from different disciplines, including Roland Keogh, Georgi Gill and Èlia Navarro.

You can listen to and learn more about Isabel’s work here.