Naomi Norton (2016)

Health Education in Instrumental and Vocal Music Lessons: The Teacher’s Perspective

A significant number of musicians in the Western world are affected by performance-related health problems.

Performing Arts Medicine developed as a speciality aimed at treating and managing these difficulties; however, as research has progressed, it has become clear that many conditions are preventable provided that appropriate education and support are available.

Due to their influence upon the next generation of musicians, instrumental and vocal teachers are increasingly being recognised as potential advocates for health.

Naomi’s thesis investigated teacher’s perspectives regarding musicians’ health and how these important topics could be integrated into instrumental and vocal music lessons.

She conducted four main research studies: a) an evaluation of existing resources, b) an online survey study with over 500 participants, c) an interview study, and d) research surrounding the training event Promoting Health and Well-Being in Music Lessons (held at the RNCM in 2014).