Jack Adler-McKean

Towards a comprehensive tuba performance practice

The development of a musical instrument requires both a reflexive, critical evaluation from performers, and an active, creative engagement from composers.

The consequences of the lack of such factors can be exemplified by the historic and contemporary relationship (or lack thereof) between tubists and composers. 

Jack’s work investigates relationships composers historically had with tuba family and how an awareness of such relationships can be used to develop an informed performance practice of their music, and how significant relationships between composers and tuba players can be established today for the benefit of current and future generations of musicians.

Planned research outputs include recordings of orchestral tuba repertoire on historically appropriate instruments, performances of new pieces for tuba from an international range of composers, and preparation of the tuba edition of the Spieltechnik series from Bärenreiter.

Jack is very grateful for generous support from the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership.