Jacob Thompson-Bell (2014)

Deconstructed Narratives: Perspectives on Form, Process and Review

Jacob’s project centred on narratives and their expression (or repression) through music. The enquiry began with structuralist approaches, those bound by formal architectures in sound that seek to guide temporal perception.

Following which, he explored interdisciplinary strategies, using visual media to organise sound non-temporally.

This second stage also investigated the relationship between process and product in the context of musical composition, and general research, finding ways in which a multi-media approach can be used as a means of analysing creative practice.

The final stage of the research process concerns sound as a physical presence: a tangible, sensate medium that implicates all of us in its production.

This final stage explored ways in which (musical) sound can be engaged with on a non-semantic level, without the structural connotations of a language.