Jing Ouyang (2018)

The influence of the English fortepiano on the piano technique and composition of the London Pianoforte School from 1790 to 1820

Jing Ouyang

The purpose of Jing’s research was to investigate how the English piano influenced the style of piano playing and composing from 1790 to 1820.

This study focused on repertoire written by the group of composers labelled by Nicholas Temperley as the London Pianoforte School, such as Clementi, Dussek, and Cramer.

Jing’s research was led by her own practice as a performer in a series of representative works, interpreted critically on modern and historical instruments.

She aimed to show how the study of the English fortepiano and its influence on the London Pianoforte School helps performers to provide a historically informed performance on a modern piano.