Olga Paliy (2017)

Interrelation of the Fugue and Piano Sonata as a result of Taneyev’s influence on his contemporaries and exploration of the practice and performance strategies

Olga PaliyIn Olga’s research she investigated how performance can be transformed by the understanding of counterpoint in specific piano repertoire, demonstrating the impact of its application in the music of Sergey Taneyev and the subsequent composers he influenced.

Even though Taneyev contributed to piano repertoire by writing only one significant polyphonic piece, Prelude and Fugue in G sharp minor op.29, his contrapuntal method is reflected in the piano works of Medtner, Myaskovski, Gretchaninov, Stravinsky and Prokofiev among others in following years.

From the performance perspective the presence of fugue in this repertoire leads to a distinctive rhythmical, structural and dynamic organisation.

Olga aimed to summarise existing principal practice methods and as a result of her research, created an alternative system of technical exercises in order to expand the interest of performers and listeners in the rarely played piano repertoire, with elements of generic counterpoint.